Blood and Sugar - Your Circulatory System, the Highway of LIFE

The glucose spike is just the tip of the iceberg of the sugar problem. When your sugar is off, your health is off. Sugars determine everything about your body including your blood type. Your LIFE is literally held in the four parts of your blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and the plasma in which your life is suspended. Your circulatory system is controlled by sugars. Your OS is glycoproteins on the surface of your cells.

The highway of LIFE is literally your circulatory system made up of a vast network of pipe extending 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Your veins and arteries are the super highways and your capillaries are the back road vessels that take your blood and nutrients to the most remote regions of your body. Some lanes are so narrow that the blood cells must pass single file. The blood passes through your heart twice per cycle which takes about one minute to make the journey through your body.

Healthy bones are vitally important because it is there in the marrow where you manufacture approximately two million (2,000,000) new blood cells EVERY SECOND. That is 120 million per minute, 7.2 billion per hour, nearly 173 billion new blood cells per day The correct ratio of healthy red blood cells and healthy white blood cells is communicated through the OS (operating system) via the glycoproteins. When communication is faulty, too many or not enough red or white blood cells are produced and maintained. Communication is PARAMOUNT.

LIFE is in the blood. The job of your blood is to supply everything your body needs and to carry out everything your body does not need. Your blood performs according to its health, the quality of your heart, and how clear is your circulatory system. The health of the blood determines how well you receive oxygen, water, and nutrition throughout your body which in turn determines the health of all your organs. Clean air, clean water, and adequate wholesome nutrition maintains good health. The quality of LIFE is reduced and LIFE shortened when pollutants are put into your body if they are not carried out.

In addition to everything else, your circulatory system regulates the temperature of your body. Should you overheat, an air conditioning system is turned on; you perspire and the evaporation cools. Exercise and deep breathing brings more oxygen into the system and to your brain.

Your blood sugar load spikes when high glycemic sugars or foods are consumed. The sugar industry has declared that sugar does not cause diabetes but may cause obesity which causes diabetes. And, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) compounds the problem while the marketers simple reply, SUGAR IS SUGAR. Bad sugars cause or contribute to many diseases.

Different blood types are determined by the arrangement of specific sugars. One sugar makes a life changing difference. The cutting edge science of GLYCOMICS is here to stay and impact the medical field, all of healthcare, and change the way we live.

Article Source: JC Spencer

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